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For a long time the makers of the smallest bikini's -- now a few others like have similar models.

Struggle your way around their somewhat confusing web site to find some fantastic outfits, that really will create double takes from happy and amazed onlookers if you are brave enough to wear these in public. 

Doubletakemicrowear will do custom work as well which is unusual and means you can have your special ideas for that almost-not-there bikini sewn up just for you.


doubletakemicrowear We designs and manufacture the hottest swimsuit, bikini's and shorts on the planet and will create your custom designs at no extra cost.
ShinUp! Sexy Clothes Swimwear, swimsuits, bikini, tight shorts, shorts, beautiful women, Models, design and manufacture, camel toe, breasts, butts, ass, voluptuous, plus size, double take, head turner, second look, see through, transparent, thongs, g-strings, microwear, micromini, sling bikini, halter top, tube top, cover ups, beach wear

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