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Wicked Weasel Bikinis

WickedWeasel Brief bikini and g-string specialists, Byron Bay Australia. Online shop and wickedweasel photo gallery.
ShinUp! Sexy Clothes WickedWeasle are the premier maker of almost-not-there-but-still-legally-swimwear bikinis.
An Australian owned and run operation WickedWeasel is located in Byron Bay - one of the top beach and surf location down under -- where they have no lack of opportunities to show of their goods.

The web site is clear and easy to navigate between the many different but sometimes-too-similar designs of bikini bottoms.  The tops are all basically the same with varying sizes and fabrics.  While the varoius bottoms basically give you a choice of wider or narrower and with or without a center seam.

The customer contributed photograph competition is a good place to see how the bikinis look on "normal figures" rather than models.  Look for someone with a body type like your own then see which bikini style looks good on them!

Select the various items you want, and this is not a place to get just 'a' bikini -- you'll want to get a bunch of tops and bottoms so you can play mix-and-match -- and then proceed to the checkout.

Payment is via credit card in US$ or one of several other currencies including Australia $ of course but also Euro, Yen and British pounds sterling.

If you have any problems customer service by email is excellent and they have always gone out of their way to fix problems and even to prioritize shipping to ensure a bikini order gets here before a vacation!

Packing of the bikinis is very basic, just inserted into a tiny plastic bag and then into an envelope.  If this is a gift you may wish to repack before you present it.

Stitching and fabrics are excellent, never a loose thread or a an uneven stitch to be seen.

It's all real swimsuit fabric and wears well, as much as you can say for a swimsuit that covers less than skin than a handkerchief these bikinis are really very practical.

The only objection I would have is that sometimes they are a bit monotonous.  I own maybe 20 bikinis from them but until I see something really new may not order again.  Would like to see them do a slingshot one piece or a mini-Brazilian back instead of a string.

Also sells great panties (or knickers as they call them) which are basically the same styles but in underwear fabrics, and some beach cover-ups such as shorts and dresses -- though in keeping with the theme WickedWeasel cover-ups cover very little indeed.

See also: from similar quality but wider range of coverage and WickedTemptations for more pose-in-the-bedroom bikinis.


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