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Sexy Creations as started in 1999 -- ages ago by internet standard.  They do all kinds of intimate apparel and added a shoes and footwear section 2000.

At this nicely designed site you will find  the latest, sexiest and most unique styles in women's apparel, club/dance wear, lingerie, swimwear, footwear and more.  In fact their tag line is "Simply the largest selection of woman's apparel online!".  Probably not literally true but they really do have a lot.

The site is split into sections around various different types such as Dancerwear and Clubwear.  Then in each section in breaks down into various brands like in Dancerwear you get Hey Baby.

It isn't all unwearable stuff either; much of it is practical things you could wear to a club.

Each item has a pretty good sized photo which you can click to zoom into one which is bigger; but not giant.  Some piece have more than one pic but it depends on the line I thinkk

A large number of different lines are carried.  I spotted items by: Chica Rica Swimwear, Dreamgirl, Elegant Moments, Footwear, Forplay, Hey Baby of California, Intimate Attitudes, Male Power, Roma Bikini, Shirley of Hollywood and Teensy Weensy.

They don't offer a print catalog though nor do they have a shop front anywhere you can visit.  It's purely an online business.  I would guess they don't hold much stock if at all and drop ship things staright to your door from the makers once you order.

There is a telephone, fax and P.O. box listed -- in Las Vegas -- I wonder why they don't have a shop to sell to the local (and tourists) there!

quite anxious to please they even offer a 10% discount for first time orders (min $25 -- but then you won't find much interesting under that anyway).

Payments are accepted by credit card or check.

Well worth a browse -- click here to visit SexyCreations.

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