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Sexy Gift Guide




The Sexy Gift Guide is designed to allow you, the husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend/lover, to choose a sexy gift for your  wife/girlfriend//husband/boyfriend/mistress a sexy gift that you will both enjoy!

My Mission

As a woman, I know that most men -- however well intentioned -- have absolutely no idea how to buy a sexy gift for me that I'll actually like.  That results in lots of gifts purchased, but not enjoyed, strained smiles and "oh how nice, just what I've always wanted".

Let's fix that!  If you are going to spend some serious cash on a nice present lets find something that she will go "Wow, that's great!" about.  Something she will wear/use/play-with as appropriate again and again, and think of you each time!

So why should you listen to me?  First I'm a girl.  Secondly I love sexy gifts.


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