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Sexy Gift Guide




 Buying lingerie for your girl can be one of the most effective things to buy -- it can also be the worst!  Watch out.

All girls like to feel sexy, but most of them have terrible self-body image.  We think we are fat, have tits that are too big too small, thighs likewise.

Maybe you, our husband/boyfriend/toyboy, think we are perfect but WE do not.

So -- first most important thing -- buy me something that suits how I see my own body.


I think my A-cup tits are too small. 

WRONG: Do buy me a baby doll with cups!  The cups won't fill, I'll look smaller.

RIGHT: Buy me a sheer front, no cup, no wires, no fluff, babydoll.  That is MUCH harder to find; but the effort you go to find it will be more than rewarded when I put it on and my very modest tits still make it stick out like a tent. 

Summary: When I feel sexy in the outfit, then I think it is sexy and you will get the benefits!


White is good

Black is ok

Her favorite color is great (you do know her favorite color right?)

Red -- especially "whore red" is bad -- unless SHE (not you) has a thing about playing-whore.

If your girl is a big girl -- and I'm sure you love every ton of her -- then buy her a plus size!  There are plenty of sexy outfits for large ladies, don't try to squeeze her into a supermodel outfit it will just spoil it for both of you.  Treat her who like the princess she is and she'll treat you like the knight in shining armor that of course you really are.

Generally ladies like sheer lingerie, see through is ok, and lace can be nice.  But feathers are probably just for playing.

Fishnet is in the same category as the whore-red.

Of course if it is French lingerie -- that adds a whole special feel to the whole thing.


Sexy Clothes Shops on the Internet

Everybody likes to dress up in sexy clothes, whether it is for the bedroom, a party or the beach.

Well I do anyway -- and I'm lucky enough that I've received a lot of nice sexy outfits -- from a big range of different stores on the internet!

Of course the catch is that you can't tell in advance which stores are good and which are not so good.  So here are some comments on ones that I have found and liked.

•  •


Here's what I have in mind for a sexy Halloween costume and sexy Christmas costume.



Do these count as "sexy clothes"?  Depends who wears them I think!


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