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Sexy Clothes Shops on the Internet

Everybody likes to dress up in sexy clothes, whether it is for the bedroom, a party or the beach.

Well I do anyway -- and I'm lucky enough that I've received a lot of nice sexy outfits -- from a big range of different stores on the internet!

Of course the catch is that you can't tell in advance which stores are good and which are not so good.  So here are some comments on ones that I have found and liked.

Here's what I have in mind for a sexy Halloween costume.

You can also get good deals for famous brand names like DNKY, D&G, Wonderbra and so on who do have some sexy stuff as well.  Try FigLeaves for these items, you can get a lingerie discount coupon by clicking below. Intimate Apparel - Free $20 coupon

$20 off a purchase of $60 or more.

Do these count as "sexy clothes"?  Depends who wears them I think!