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A real good massage is as much in the mind as it is in the body.

You need to know two things:

The regular external massage:

Buy any regular massage book to learn the basic moves, and what oils etc to use.

It isn't just the hand moves -- it is the candles, the soft music, the scented oils.  You work on those parts, she'll see to the hot passionate fuck to follow.

The internal massage

Read up about that g-spot.  Once she is fully warmed up by a nice massage as above.  Move into the special spot, gently work around her cut teasing, slide over the clit, don't give her as much pressure as she wants.

Get her hot till she is moving her hips up trying to get more, slip down to the hole and pick up some juice to spread over the clit, get it wet, get her hot.

When she is ready slide one finger in and crook it until you find her g-spot.  If it is not yet swollen she isn't hot enough.  Move back out and work on the clit -- tease, but also regular movements.  Don't keep changing the tempo.  You need to keep it quite regular -- something that might be boring for a guy, but is right for the clit.

Dip that finger back inside, crook it in the "come hither" movement.  Where your finger is, right "behind" her pubic bone, you should find the slightly rougher skin of the g-spot.  As it swells you can start to push on it, rub it with plenty of pressure.

Remember it does nothing at all to rub the g-spot until she is ALREADY very excited (from the massage, from the sweet words you keep whispering in her ear), and from that slow regular rubbing of her clit.

Once the g-spot is ready though it can really work for her, rub it until she is withering.  Then leave it alone and go back to the clit.  Switch back and forth between clit and g-spot.  Not too fast,  several minutes on each.

When you are rubbing the g-spot watch out for her cunt "opening" -- suddenly it is a cave.  That's the time to move back outside, stay outside for several minutes until she is going crazy, then move back inside.

Don't go on like this too long, she will get tired.  Slow it down and let her relax with a nice cuddle before going into more "ordinary" sex.


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