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If your man moans about how different to buy gifts for you, it's just the same the other way.   When it's 2 weeks before his birthday, or Christmas, or anniversary,  you start to panic (especially sometimes you know you need to order it on the internet over the other side of the world). 

First of all, think about what sort of guy he is.  Does he like reading?  Does he like gadgets?  Is he hi-tech?  Is he sporty?   How about movies? 

Gadget and hi-tech stuff: The trouble with them is: if he likes gadgets or hi-tech stuff, unless you are just as up-to-date as him and hi-tech as him, it's quite easy for us to buy something that is:

  • not hi-tech enough or
  • it has a known disadvantage that outsiders don't know about or
  • not the latest one or
  • there is always another newest model come up next month.  

I'll say unless you know that the digital camera or mobile phone or whatever gadget you bought is released last week or released specially for Christmas or other events, it typically not the best way to spend this much money.

If you and your boyfriend are open-mind, I would suggest this PowerPod. 

What is PowerPod?

Well.. before we talk about this robotic piece of electronic, you have to know about webcam or camcorder first.  With webcam, you can plug it into the USB port of your computer, install the software and you can see and be seen on the internet.  But the video quality of webcam is typically not very high.  If you want to plug in your camcorder to the computer and do something clever, PowerPod will fulfill most gadget fans.  It is basically a

  • Robotic base for camcorders
  • Pan, tilt, and zoom your DV camcorder
  • Zoom is optical with Canon ZR, digital with other camcorder models.
  • Enable remote control over the Internet
  • Handles camcorders up to 3 lbs. in weight
  • introductory price of US$149.99.

You can download the latest TrackerCam software 4.13 which  includes support for the PowerPod.   As well as capturing video when motion occurs, this Motion Detection technology actually locks on to whatever moved and follows it while capturing.

PowerPod is released on November 27, 2003. Together with TrackerCam Software 4.13, the PowerPod will turn your DV camcorder into a high video quality webcam, that you can view, pan, and tilt remotely over the Internet.  And it's up to you two's sexy mind to use this latest technology.

More about PowerPod


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